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Financial Secretary:

The financial secretary's important role is underscored by the fact that he is
not elected by the membership but, his appointment - upon the
recommendation of the grand knight and trustees - is approved by the
supreme knight for a period of three years. His work has a direct effect on
council members, his fellow officers, the state council and the Supreme

Basically, the financial secretary's duties revolve around two key areas of
council activities: financial records and membership records. The financial
secretary collects and receives all moneys that come into the council from
any source. He then turns that money over to the treasurer for deposit in the
council account.

In accordance with section 130 of the "Charter, Constitution and Laws"
(#30), each financial secretary, upon appointment by the supreme knight, is
bonded automatically in the amount of $5,000.00. Additional bonding may
be provided at a cost of $7.00 per thousand by contacting the office of the
supreme secretary.

One main function of the financial secretary is to collect money, in the form
of dues, from members. He sends out billing notices before the start of the
billing period and initiates retention measures to prevent members from
being suspended for nonpayment of dues.

The compilation of membership records is another of the financial
secretary's important roles. He must ensure, that new members sign the
constitutional roll of membership at the time of their First Degree. The
financial secretary also applies to the Supreme Council office for honorary
and honorary life membership cards for qualified members. Besides these
two major responsibilities, the financial sec-retaw has several others. They
include: handling supply orders for members with the Supreme Council
Supply Department; filing the "Report of Officers" (#185) with the Supreme
Council office; and reporting all membership/insurance transactions to the
Supreme Council office in a timely and correct manner.

When a financial secretary wishes to retire from his office, he should send a
brief statement of resignation to the supreme knight. The statement should
designate a final date by which the resignation is to be effective according
to the wishes of the financial secretary. It is to be remembered, however,
that every financial secretary has been appointed on the condition that he
will remain in the office, if needed, until the supreme knight has been able to
appoint the new financial secretary. Upon receipt of the financial secretary's
letter of resignation at the Supreme Council office, the appropriate forms for
the nomination and appointment of the new financial secretary will be
forwarded to the grand knight.

Because the duties and responsibilities of the financial secretary are so
varied and complex, a Financial Secretary's Handbook (#1410) and an
audiovisual production, The Financial Secretary--Our Answer Man, available
at no charge, except postage and handling, from the Supreme Council
Department of Fraternal Services, have been created to help him and
council members understand his task more completely.

The Supreme Council also makes available personal computer software
and associated reports and supplies to assist financial secretaries to
automate record keeping/billing tasks. Information on hardware
requirements and ordering information for the software and supplies may
be obtained by contacting the Supply or the department of Membership
Please keep our nation's veterans in your prayers, many from our own Council, who have served and continue to serve.
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